Myanmar and China to collaborate on travel sector development

Scenery of the Dajiu Lake in central China’s Hubei Province (Photo: Xinhua)

December 31, 2017

Tourism Entrepreneurs Association and Tourism Development Commission of Hubei Province of the People’s Republic of China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Yangon last week to collaborate on travel sector development between the two nations.

The MoU was signed by U Thet Lwin Toe, Chairman of the Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association and Ms. Yan Puli, Director of Hubei Province Tourism Development Commission.

The discussions were joined by eight members of Hubei travel companies led by Ms. Yan Puliu and officials from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar Tourism Federa- on and sister associations, airline, travel and tourism companies.

U Thet Lwin Toe stated that China’s economic development stands at 8 percent growth per annum and 30 percent of more than a billion people belong to the middle class. As the per capita income increases, so does the travel sector.

Most of the people from inland and land-locked provinces of China visit beaches and coastal areas. Tourism officials and related persons from the travel industry from both countries will make visits to each country’s areas of interest to promote the travel sector.

According to the meeting, travel promotions and road shows are planned. Chartered flights will also be arranged taking not only e-visa but also visa-on-arrival into considerations.

S: State Media

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