Taiwan boosts tourism cooperation with Myanmar

Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau conducted the first tourism workshop in Myanmar (Photo: CNB)

July 21, 2018

IN an attempt to attract a larger number of tourists from Myanmar, Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau organized the first overseas tourism workshop in Myanmar.

In a press release issued on July 20, the Tourism Bureau stated that the number of tourists coming from Myanmar has seen a significant increase of 58 percent from January to May of this year, which is a result of the New Southbound Policy’s simplified visa application for Southeast Asian tourists.

On July 18, a small group formed by Tourism Bureau’s members received a warm welcome from the local government to conduct first international Taiwan’s Tourism Workshop in Yangon.

The activity drew the attention of Myanmar Union of Travel Association, Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute along with more than 150 local travel operations, reported CNA.

Attending the opening ceremony, Taiwan’s Representative in Myanmar expressed his expectation of solid bilateral cooperation between travel agencies of the two countries, a stable framework for a future market development, and an increasing number of Myanmar tourists to Taiwan.

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